Friday, 10 October 2008


An article in 'Design Week' mentioned the impact supermarket branding and packaging designers face in this new environmental and economical unstable world.

As the Brits have finally caught onto the idea of recycling and are being made more aware of the damage they are causing to the planet, they have also wised up on unnecessary packaging aimed to make the product look more luxurious. This is now seen as not only a waste of plastic, but also a waste of the consumers money. 

Marks & Spencer is the culprit of all the waste packaging monsters, creating a range of luxurious designs in order to accommodate their prices. Tesco, Aldi, Somerfield and Sainsbury's have all been in tail with their own extra special, extra extravagant ranges.

The consumer is now looking for simple, fresh and honest food with a slightly smaller price tag. Sainsbury's have answered this by revamping their own value range with these light hearted and honest designs. As the designs are so simple, people are assured that they are getting exactly what is written on the tin and that they haven't wasted their hard earnt money on posh packaging that ends up in the bin. 

Although it is the value range which in many cases are the most unsightly, these designs have a positive, fresh, clean and honest feel which is sure to reach the student and family market.

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