Friday, 10 October 2008


Pizza Hut has had a radical overhaul in rebranding itself to 'Pasta Hut'. In a bid to be healthier, the chain battles to adopt a wholesome image - not whole-fat! The 50 year old US company uses 8,500 tones of cheese every year and has felt that in a health conscious world it had to change in order to attract the dying off customers. 

If people get too upset about it, they need not to worry as this is just a trial period. People can vote on if they are for or against the idea.

The rebranded logo is very simple and works well as it is still completely recognisable. In fact, it makes the viewer look twice at the sign to double check that it really does say pasta and not pizza. This helps grab attention and gets people talking. 

The advert shown in the US is attention grabbing and uses shock tactics with a humorous outcome. At first, you are shocked from hearing the domestic violence the little boy witnesses from his parents in the kitchen. The father shouts at the mother for cooking a pizza. This goes on for longer than you think, making it almost unbearable to watch until right at the end when the slogan comes to the screen. It twists the unsettling atmosphere into a funny one, making you feel relieved. 

This is very clever as this reflects the rebranding of Pizza Hut, suggesting that we should be feeling relieved about it.

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