Sunday, 19 October 2008


DoraVideo is a Tokyo genius, who combines his drums with a computer, stirring up quite a storm of prizes and awards world wide. He creates a very exciting and fun atmosphere with his drum and computer controlled system. He places impact sensors all over the drum set, creating a huge video deck, allowing him to use the drum set to control video image.
His performances create a nonsensical fun and entertaining atmosphere, with some images being humorous and others based on political and moral issues. Some examples;
A home video taken by business men on a factory visit, a video taken at a hotel banquet in which a fellow clings to and pushes over a fat middle aged companion girl, Imperial court, and 'Bush and Bush', a moral video created for public use, North Korea and George W Bush, which is a collage of scenes of calisthenics and parades that surpasses Michael Moore's work. He generously shows an amazing collection of materials on video. 

He has combined music, art and political issues in a drum beat. The interesting thing is that most won't go to his performances for the music, but for the art and images behind him.

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